i met a friend

So today i met a friend

Someone who understands me how i want to be understood

Someone who knows which side of the loaf i like my butter pasted

Have you met such?

Here again today i met a friend

Someone who understands what it means to love someone,to just love.

Someone who can see mee in the morning and say today i know you are spreading peanut not margarine.

This friend i had kept ignoring for the last 2yeard

Have you had such?


Not yet

Being a teenager who people look upto is not easy you end up being an emotional wreck for the first time i told my dad about my situation in school but the conversation didnt turn out as i expected…i really have no one to talk to i wish my mum was there or i wish something else was was. Am looking at every corner to find someone worth talking to but i haven’t. I really miss my bestfriend he is the only person who gets me….people have expectations that i cant cross and its everyone except him. I just needed one word of support from dad…i wanted to get space for myself .in campus everyone wants to fit in somewhere but then i found out i dont anywhere…not event in my own home you see i feel am pushing too much.

feeling outcast

Junior year 1a)

So for Miriam junior year was filled with alot of expectation. At the last trimester of sophomore she had been blasted with her friends smoking marijuana in the school residential …which was not really hers but it belonged to her and her freshman roomie like sophomore goals. This year was all good and free but then the senior year came all planned on how to live the most intriguing way ever. Senior year was supposed to be less dramatic and problematic ..everyone has faults they dont want to be told and miriam was i dont know either stupid or fake..maybe something else. She had issues with telling people what she didnt like about them but she let people tell her what they didnt like about her. Anyway choosing whom she would live with was hard and she chose to stay with a sophomore who didnt want to spend her company with some of her friends since they were kind of bisexual and were dating older men and she felt it was way far from her principles like water and fire…from then it was all fun and partying and all that but the relationship was more than that..it was family.

But the relationship was more than that it was family

Cara and Miriam did everything together even though Miriams schedule was tight Cara would sacrifice her mornings to make breakfast and go to school with her even though she had no class and even took her for her second tooth extraction.

Ouchhhhh uchungu’,Miriam yelled and the whole room bursted laughter. She didnt want Cara to laugh at her hideous paralyzed look brought about by the anaesthesia that was used. Funny enough she was waiting outside of the extraction room.

‘unaongeaje kaa mwanaume?’ she told her and they laughed toghether knowing she would not eat that day which was a phewks since her body scared her the rate at which she was adding weight was alarming. As they walked silently due to her incapability of talking her insecurities came in hunting her like the demons from the conjuring it was inexplicable how her brain could divert from food to thinking how a jerk the person she was dating was.

The next day they decided to move in at cara’s aunts place and then Miriam gave out her place to an old friend called Jenine who was kinda daring crazy and fun but indifferent she was always acting mum and she smoked cigars in an enthusiastic way which was cool but kind of wierd.

Living with someone whom you love is all fun you guys eat anything you want. But the most important thing is accepting their habits.

elastic heart

i actually have not written after a wholly long time and it feels as if everything has changed… i am not the same person an when i read my previous posts…i feel like dying. its called maturity. OK..hmm am 22 and its really hard handling issues at this age friendships and relationships ain’t really working for me. anyway i have found myself talking to people i never thought i would ever in my life and i realized am a peoples pleaser and i forget to be loyal..but then i m obedient.. weird i feel like am in season 1 of grown.ish yet am in season 2. i have everything i ever wanted except love. true love. have you ever tried to pit a string into a needle.. trying to put things together yet life has no lessons we learn from our our own doings..teenage hood ends when we either become parents or some kind of spiritual life fulfillment..till today nothing makes me happy expect one person that i clearly don’t understand.That is life… anytime i write i feel good not caring who reads but at least i know someone who is always ready to listen. life has two sides i noticed people see the bad and easily forget the good. instead of adding my good am going to add the bad



Today i thought of written after an awfully long time. Its actually nice that i write after i learn something. Have you watched Queen of The South? Well let me assume that you have. In life we have to take chances and i can say mine haven’t been the best but right now am proving some theories i have seen on blogs and social media on love and relationship. I used to think it was a joke when guys spoke of honeymoon disasters and other stuff about love but mow i feel it i have been experiencing self love…but its not all that straight love is more than words to me so right now am just wondering who the hell mentioned about love when life had started??? Who ruined everything for the human specie….now That is a little bit overboard. Just live your life and no matter how many thumbelina situations the fairy love will be held for you in an ice block and awaits for summer so it can melt the ice down for you to find him or her Its perfect timing…so for now go look for the Beatle mole and frog and learn from them so as to avoid problems with the fairy love Kathy and fairytales😘